Staging Atmospheres – Theatre and the Atmospheric Turn is a two-day conference and workshop, Friday 8th and Saturday 9th December 2017, generously sponsored by the International Ambiances Network.


Tonino Griffero (Universita di Roma “Tor Vergata”

Carl Lavery (University of Glasgow)

Conference organisers, Martin Welton and Penelope Woods, are keen to encourage dialogue amongst artists and academics across a range of disciplines beyond theatre and performance studies and internationally.
We invite all participants to play with ideas as well as presenting them. Participation will be strictly capped at forty participants. Not all participants will present papers, but expressions of interest must be submitted to secure a place. A catalogue of abstracts and position papers will be published to accompany the event as an indication of the state of the field.
The conference fee is £25 – with provision for postgraduate bursaries on application. The conference fee includes a ticket to a major London theatre event on the evening of Friday 8th December. This will inform discussion in the workshop on Saturday 9th December.
The proceedings of the first day will see a series of papers that lay out emerging themes and lines of enquiry that we will workshop together in dialogue and experiments in theatrical practice on the second day. The convenors welcome the submission of abstracts for papers (300 words max), but also seek the participation of a range of scholars and artists in discussions and events. There is some provision for translating non-English papers. 
Themes and lines of enquiry include but are not limited to: lighting, sound, acoustics, gesture, audience and spectatorship, theatre and auditorium design, access, circulation, air and the aerological, ventilation, breath, smell and odour, temperature, aura, craft, the actor-audience relationship, history, reconstruction, sociality, antagonism, the relational, the institutional, the non-human, the non-atmospheric, the open-air, weather, the digital, social media and atmosphere, failure, the accidental.